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Agency Account Services


If you need help with the ongoing bookkeeping requirements for tax and investment purposes or, in addition, you need professional guidance to manage your investment portfolio, we have an account to meet your needs.

 Custody Account—A custody account can allow for consolidation of your existing investments for ease of record keeping.  With a custody account, we will provide safekeeping for your account assets, collect the income and disburse it in accordance with your instructions, process stock dividends, splits, exchanges, tenders, calls and other capital changes, and execute all security transactions as directed by you.  In addition, we will provide you with quarterly statements of your account transactions and assets and maintain all records for tax return preparation purposes. 

Investment Management/Advisory Account—In addition to the services provided with a standard custody account, we have the expertise to assist in the management of your investments.  With an investment management account, where you give us the discretion to manage your portfolio in accordance with an agreed-upon investment objective, or an investment advisory account, where any specific portfolio changes have to be approved by you beforehand, we will provide all the standard services of a custody account, along with the following:

  • Determination of an investment objective
  • Development of an asset allocation strategy and personalized investment portfolio
  • Analysis of deposited securities
  • Guidance on investment and financial goals
  • Communication through correspondence and meetings
  • Periodic review of investment portfolio and monitoring of individual holdings
  • Daily cash management
We can even assist with bill-paying services. As you can see, we offer accounts that can meet many needs.  Stop in and see one of our experienced professionals to find out how we can serve you.   




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