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Personal Trust Services

Effective planning makes the most of your assets, now and in the future. A trust is an excellent way to plan successfully. Stop in and see one of our experienced trust professionals to find out how we can serve you.



Estate Settlement

Many times an individual is named to serve as personal representative (Executor/Executrix) in someone’s will.  Estate settlement can be a complicated process for the inexperienced personal representative, and an unexpected responsibility......(More)


Retirement Services

in today’s world, few employers can successfully compete in the labor marketplace without maintaining a comprehensive employee benefit program.  Retirement plans offer our clients the opportunity to tailor a retirement program to their needs as well as their employees.  As an employer, you can rely on our retirement expertise and services to help deliver plan administrative solutions that are efficient and cost-effective, but most importantly, compliant.  On average, more that 100 IRS and Department of Labor (DOL) pronouncements pertaining to retirement plan issues are delivered annually. ....(More


Agency Account Services

if you need help with the ongoing bookkeeping requirements for tax and investment purposes or, in addition, you need professional guidance to manage your investment portfolio, we have an account to meet your needs. ....(More)




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